Become a Wicked Custom Apparel Brand Ambassador!.

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What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is one who loves the brand. One who is excited to wear our products, show them off and tell their network of friends and family about the brand.

You will be a part of the Live Bold Apparel brand and will share ideas on how to boost exposure for the Wicked Custom Apparel brand.

How do I become a Brand Ambassador?

Simple. Just show us how much you love our brand by emailing us or by filling out the form below, letting us know why you would like to be part of the brand ambassador team along with some ideas of how you are planning on promoting!

We require you to have an active and popular Instagram account of over 5k followers and an avg. like/photo of 5% meaning if you have 5k followers, photos should have 250 likes on average. Obviously we will be able to determine if you are qualified even if you don’t match the requirements, but that is on a rare occasion.

A code will be given to you to use for your friends which gives them 10% off our site! If that code is used 10 times, you get 2 more free items from our site! …Every 10 uses, 2 free items are sent you!

What do I get for being a Brand Ambassador?

– 2 Free items after every 10 uses of your code that your friends use on our site! You choose the code!

– Reposts of your photos onto our Instagram account! (chosen at random)

– Be included into our group of testers for new products and ideas!

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